Chicken Casserole Recipe

Making a chicken casserole recipe is easy. But why just choose to stay with the traditional way of cooking this when you can actually make a tasty and more delicious recipe when you add macaroni to the dish?

Just think about it. Macaroni and chicken casserole recipe coupled with all the fresh vegetables and ingredients that would serve around six people. Sounds scrumptious? Indeed!

Here’s how to make this particular casserole version that takes about fifty five minutes of cooking time:

The Ingredients that You Need to Prepare:

Better take note that like in all recipes, all the ingredients have to be prepared. But, of course, you can make your own substitutes to some ingredients if you desire. Just be sure that you stay within this recipe guideline by using most of the ingredients so your casserole would not only look delicious but would also taste heavenly as well.

The ingredients you need would include these things: About one and one fourth cups of uncooked elbow macaroni, two tablespoons of butter, one fourth cup of finely chopped onion, four ounces of sliced mushrooms, two tablespoons of chopped green bell pepper, two tablespoons of chopped pimiento-stuffed olives, four ounces (or about a cup) of shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, a cup of sour cream, a teaspoon each for salt and pepper, one and one half cups of diced cooked chicken, one fourth cup of milk, and one half cup of soft bread crumbs (preferably, mixed and tossed with melted butter to be used as your topping).

The Manner of Preparation and Cooking:

Cook the macaroni noodles and drain as per the package instructions, and place them in a huge mixing bowl.

Next, melt butter in a large skillet over medium fire. Add the mushrooms, green bell pepper, and onion. Continue stirring and cook for three to four minutes or until the mushrooms become brown in color.

Add this mixture to the macaroni.

The next step would involve adding your shredded cheese, sour cream, olives, salt, pepper, chicken, and milk. Mix all these things well.

Transfer everything to a shallow baking dish that’s about one and one half quart in size in preparation for baking.

But you’re not yet done.

Before you proceed with baking this dish, don’t forget to sprinkle buttered bread crumbs on the top. Then, bake for about twenty to thirty five minutes or until you notice little bubbles on your casserole and the breadcrumbs become light brown.

And that’s it! You’ve just made your Macaroni and Chicken Casserole recipe that is sure to get raves from those whom you would share this with.

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