Grilled Chicken Recipe

For that extra barbecue aroma and flavor to roasted meat, here’s a grilled chicken recipe the family will surely love. The ingredients are simple, cheap, and easy to prepare. Try cooking it on weekends outdoors.


For this tasty dish, the following are needed: One whole dressed chicken, 3 cups soy sauce and 10 to 15 pieces fresh lemon. This quick-to-prepare grilled chicken recipe may look too simple but the soaking part is what’s a bit complicated. This preliminary step is very important in how to grill chicken the best way.


Preparation for this grilled chicken recipe is as follows: Put soy sauce in a bowl. The bowl should be big enough to contain the whole chicken. Next, slice up the lemon pieces and squeeze the juice into the bowl of soy sauce. Stir well. Dip a finger into the mixture and taste. The soy taste and the sourness of lemon should be in a balance, or according to one’s taste preference. Add soy or lemon juice accordingly. A balanced marinade is key on how to grill chicken the best way.

Then put in the whole chicken. Soak it for 30 minutes to an hour. Now, here is what’s crucial when soaking the meat. From time to time, turn over the chicken so that every side gets marinated. Also, make sure that the inner parts get a share of the marinade. After marinating, put the skewer through the chicken.

Preparing the Grill

About 10 minutes before the marinating is done, prepare the grill. When the charcoals are burning, make sure to spread them evenly. If possible, no charcoals should be directly below the chicken to be grilled. Put them at the sides. This ensures balanced grilling.


Place the skewered chicken abut 6 inches above the fire. Keep the chicken gradually turning. With a clean brush, brush the remaining marinade on the meat surface now and then for flavor enhancement and to keep the meat from burning. If the charcoal gets too fired up, reduce flames by slightly whisking some of the marinade to them by using the brush.

Grilling Alternative

This grilled chicken recipe may also be cooked into big chopped pieces. Then place them on the grill mesh wire 6 inches above the flame. Keep turning the pieces now and then until they are cooked enough.

Are They Cooked Yet?

To find out whether the meat is cooked, cut through a part of the piece. See if the chicken flesh inside is white. If it is, then it’s cooked. If it’s pink or reddish, it needs more cooking. That’s how to grill chicken the best way.

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