Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe

The best grilled chicken marinade recipe is all hinged on how good the marinade is. Some may think the marinade needs to be expensive. Not quite. A cheap but healthy marinade can be possible when done the traditional, homemade way. And it’s really tasty, too. Here is how to prepare and grill marinated chicken.


For a good and homey grilled chicken marinade recipe, prepare the following: a whole fresh and dressed chicken, one cup of soy sauce, ¾ cup of sugarcane vinegar, 10 pieces crushed garlic, one teaspoon black pepper powder, 2 spoons sugar, 5 pieces laurel leaves, ¼ cup ketchup, ½ cup of white non-cola soft drink (7-Up).


In a huge bowl, mix all the ingredients. Stir well for a well balanced marinade. Then soak the whole chicken in it. Soak for 30 minutes to about one hour. For a successful grilled chicken marinade recipe, make sure to keep turning the chicken over periodically. This evens up the marinating to every meat part. When the marinating is over, don’t throw away the mixture. It will be used for flavor enhancement later. Now, half of the job on how to prepare and grill marinated chicken is done. The real challenge comes: grilling.


Grilling is where the hard work comes in. After skewering the chicken tightly and securely (make sure it doesn’t lose grip when being turned over), place about 6 inches over the grill flame. Initially, keep turning the chicken over slowly. Never leave it stationary. Watch out for surging flames burning the meat. When this happens, whisk a small amount of marinade to the fire. An even roasting is a key to a good grilled chicken marinade recipe.

Grilling Tips

From time to time, brush marinade liquid on the chicken’s surfaces. When the meat turns light brown, turn it over a bit faster. More so when it is brown. When it is cooked but needs to be warmed while waiting for dinner time, keep it higher than 6 inches from the flame. Set a minimum height of 10 inches, and turn it over now and then.

To know if the meat is well cooked, use a sharp knife to cut through a part. Use a fork or tong to steady the chicken while doing this. If the meat inside is white, it is ready for serving. If it is pink or red—or if there’s still a trace of blood—it needs more cooking. Turn it over the fire slower and adjust to a lower height. This is the proper way on how to prepare and grill marinated chicken.

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