Baked Chicken and Rice Recipe

Dinner or lunch times would be a great time when you have a chicken dish that’s coupled with rice to fill one’s tummy. If you look around, you would probably see that there are numerous choices on a baked chicken and rice recipe that would be perfect for yourself and your guests. That is why it may be hard to find the most suitable one for you.

But if you want a tasty homemade dish that would yield around six servings, here is something that you can follow easily.

For the Ingredients that You Need to Use:

First, you need to gather all the ingredients.

For this particular recipe, you need a handful of ingredients.

You may need a cup of long-grain rice, four boneless chicken breast halves, four tablespoons of butter, about one fourth cup of chopped red or green bell peppers (You may also mix both colors if you desire.), a clove of minced garlic, a cup of chopped onion, a half cup of chopped sliced celery, a can of tomatoes (that’s about 14.5 ounces), one fourth cup of raisins, three tablespoons of blanched sliced almonds, ½ to about 3/4ths teaspoon of curry powder, a half teaspoon of dried leaf thyme (preferably, crumbled), sliced or slivered almonds for your garnish, and salt and pepper to taste.

You may choose to use uncooked chicken cubes instead of the halved boneless breasts. This may help you cook this in an easier manner.

For the Preparation Process:

Heat your oven to around 375 degrees F.

Cook the rice as per package directions.

While that is cooking, wash your chicken and pat dry.

Heat butter in a large skillet, and place your chicken to cook. Cook to perfection or until brown on both sides. Remove. And transfer to a two-quart casserole.

Pour the excess butter on another pan. Add bell peppers, garlic, celery, onion, tomatoes, almonds, raisins, and your seasonings. Simmer this for about ten minutes.

Next, transfer the cooked rice over the chicken. Spread evenly. Pour the sauce you made over it.

For the Baking Process:

It would be best to cover this with foil to help it bake well. Bake for at least twenty five minutes or until you see that the chicken is tender.

That’s it!

Before serving, you may garnish your dish with almonds if you like.

A perfect baked chicken and rice recipe need not take a lot of ingredients to make it delicious. You can use the simplest of ingredients and still make a very scrumptious recipe that everyone would probably love to share with you.

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