Kabobs Recipe

These sumptuous kabobs recipes are ideal for special gatherings or when you’re hosting dinner. Here are a few recipes you can try out.

Kabobs with Lamb Chops


2 lbs of lamb (diced)
1 tbsp of salt
1 tsp of curry powder
2 tsp of dried parsley flakes
1 garlic clove (large, crushed)
1 tsp of dry mustard
1 tbsp of ground black pepper
4 cups of onions (sliced)
½ cup of olive oil
1 cup of green pepper (chopped)
16 onions (small and peeled)
16 mushrooms (fresh, washed)
3 green bell peppers (sliced into 8 pieces)


Put the lamb cubes in a roasting pan. Mix the marinade ingredients of this kabobs recipe. Stir it and sprinkle over the lamb. Put the green peppers and in a pan. Add the onions and some boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes and discard the water.

Combine the onions and bell peppers with the marinade. Throw in the mushrooms as well. Seal the container and shake so the lamb is fully covered. Place it in the fridge overnight.

Take out the lamb and thread the meat, the mushrooms and peppers. Thread the onions too. For each skewer, put in 3 pieces of lamb and pepper, 2 onions and 2 mushrooms.

To cook this tasty kabobs recipe, put the skewers on the rack. Apply some marinade. Broil it about 4 inches away from the heat. Broil for 20 minutes. Keep adding as much marinade as desired.

Kabob with Plain Yogurt


20 tomatoes
1 lb of lamb leg (diced)
1 lemon (juiced)
24 onions (1 ½ in)
A bunch of fresh oregano
4 garlic cloves (minced)
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground pepper
8 pita bread (large)
Kosher salt

For the sauce, you’ll need the following:

3 cups of yogurt (plain)
2 medium cucumbers (peeled, seeded, halved and diced)
1 tbsp of chopped mint leaves
Kosher salt


Begin this easy kabobs recipe by mixing the oregano, garlic and lemon juice in a bowl. Stir and add the olive oil. Add some kosher salt and a bit of the freshly ground pepper. Toss in the lamb cubes. Stir the ingredients so the meat gets covered with the sauce. Put this mixture in the fridge for 6 hours. Discard the marinade and drain the lamb.

Thread the tomatoes, onion and lamb onto the skewers. Put these on a grill. Set it to medium heat. Cook for 12 minutes. Use a meat thermometer to get the right reading. At 145 degrees, it becomes medium rare. At 160 degrees it is medium. For well, cook it until it gets to 170 degrees F.

Mix all the sauce ingredients and stir it. Cool it in the fridge for at least an hour. Serve it with the lamb along with the pita bread.

You can prepare these kabobs recipes are the perfect companion for your sandwich or seafood. No matter the garnishing, you and your friends are bound to have a good time with this classic dish.

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