Pot Pie Recipe

Adding variety to your pot pie recipes is easy. The following recipes demonstrate the means with which you can make them.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie


2 ribs celery (cut to 1 inch)
1 whole chicken (2 lbs)
3 cups of water
1 lb of center cut ham
6 tbsp of flour
6 tbsp of butter
1 onion (small, sliced)
2 tsp of salt
1 pie crust
1/3 tsp of pepper
1 package of frozen mixed vegetables


Wash the chicken and pat dry. Pour water in the saucepan. Toss in the chicken, salt, celery and onions. Allow this to boil. Put the cover on and let this simple pot pie recipe simmer for an hour. Take out the chicken and let it cool. Strain the broth in a new container. Pour 2 and a half cups of water.

Remove the chicken bones and take out the bone. Combine the chicken and ham in a bowl. Set aside. Melt the butter in a skillet (medium-low heat). Stir until the sauce turns bubbly. Add the broth slowly while stirring. When mixture is bubbling, add the chicken, ham and vegetables. Boil it.

Transfer the mix into 2 quart baking dish. Get the pie crust ready and cover the mixture. Bake this homemade pot pie recipe for 30 minutes at 425 degrees.

Pot Pie with Mushrooms


3 cups of chicken (cooked and dice)
2 cups of frozen peas and carrots
1 cup of mushrooms (sliced)
½ can of cream of mushroom
1/3 cup of onions (chopped)

For the topping:

¾ cup of milk
¼ cup shortening
1 cup of biscuits


Throw in the chicken and vegetables in a casserole. Add some pepper and salt. Pour in the soup and stir it. Add the milk little by little. Keep stirring. Combine the shortening with the milk and biscuits. Pour this pot pie recipe in the casserole. Bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. Let it cool for 15 minutes.

Chicken Pot Pie with Pimento


1 chicken (medium size)
2 eggs (hard boiled)
3 tbsp of all purpose flour
½ tsp of salt
1/3 tsp of pepper

For the crust:

½ tsp of salt
2 cups of flour
4 tbsp of shortening
4 tbsp of cold water


Put the chicken in boiling water. Let it simmer until it gets tender. Allow the chicken to cool. Take out the bone and skin. Add flour, salt and pepper to the liquid. Put the chicken in a baking dish. Top it with pimento and eggs. Add some broth.

Sift the flour, salt and shortening. Add water a little at a time. Toss with a fork. Put on the chicken mix. Bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


You can always add more of the mushrooms, peas, carrots etc. You will also need to add more of the seasonings if you use a large chicken. You can also use 4 chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken.

Even if you don’t bake often, creating these pot pie recipes won’t be a problem. When you’re done, you can serve it with your favorite drinks.

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