Shrimp Salad Recipe

For those who want an easy, simple and tasty seafood treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can always try these homemade shrimp salad recipes. Besides their rich iron content, these healthy dishes combine fresh and cheap ingredients. More importantly, they are very delicious. Here is a closer look at some of the traditional ways of cooking shrimp salad.

Pasta Shrimp Salad

For this dish, you need to have 16-ounces of pasta, a pound of unpeeled fresh shrimp and 3-cups of water. In addition, be sure to prepare ½-cup of fresh mushrooms, ½-cup ripe olives and ½-cup diced celery. Other necessary ingredients for this traditional dish include 2-tablespoons sugar, ¾-cup of mayonnaise and ½-cup sliced water chestnuts. Lastly, do not forget 1/8-teaspoon pepper, ½-teaspoon salt as well as a tablespoon of vinegar.

First, boil the water. Next, put the shrimps inside the pan. Lower down the heat and then simmer it for about 5 minutes. Drain and then use cold water to rinse the shrimps. Be sure to chill them. After that, take the peel off as well as devein the shrimps. Follow the directions indicated at the back of your pasta and then cook it. Drain it and run it under cold water. Drain once again. Put the drained pasta on a nice clean serving plate. At the shrimp, celery, olives, mushrooms and water chestnuts.

In a separate plate, mix the pepper, salt, vinegar, sugar and mayonnaise. Mix well to distribute the flavors evenly. Pour the mixture slowly on top of the pasta. Toss the ingredients properly. Cover the serving plate and then refrigerate. Serve cold and enjoy.

Easy Shrimp Salad

If there is not enough time to cook something special, it is good to try this quick and simple recipe. Here, you need a couple of vine-ripened tomatoes, ½ chopped large head lettuce as well as 1/3-cup mayonnaise. For the main ingredient of this recipe, prepare 16-ounces of chilled, deveined and shelled small shrimps. Furthermore, do not forget to bring ¼-teaspoon of garlic salt. To add more taste and flavor, be sure to prepare at least a pinch or two of pepper and a pinch or two of salt.

Once you have gathered all the right ingredients, get a nice clean salad bowl. Put the tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise. After that, follow them with the small shrimps. Season the dish with garlic salt, pepper and regular salt. You can serve it together with saltine crackers. Enjoy a healthy, nutritious and yummy treat.

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