Steak Marinade Recipe

Are you one of those people who love steaks and are looking for ways to enhance their flavor? If so, then it is high time that you teach yourself making steak marinades. With the help of a steak marinade, it is easy to make an otherwise dull meal of steak a very enjoyable one.

One must be careful in choosing the right steak marinade recipe, of course. The way the steak marinade will highlight the flavor of the steak will depend on the quality of the steak marinade recipe that one has chosen. To choose the right steak marinade recipe for you, make sure that it is an easy to do one apart from having ingredients that do not overpower the flavor of the steak itself. With all of the health problems that are rearing themselves in recent years due to our diet, the ingredients must also be scrutinized if they are healthy for you.

The following steak marinade recipe promises to meet the said criteria as it is an easy-to-do one and has healthy ingredients that will cater to those who are watching their health by watching what they eat.

For this healthy and easy-to-do steak marinade recipe, one will need the following ingredients: one-third cup of vegetable oil, three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, one-fourth cup of soy sauce, two minced medium-sized shallots, one-third cup of wine vinegar, one-fourth cup of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of thyme leaves.

Since apart from being healthy, this is also an easy-to-do steak marinade recipe, and therefore all that one must do is to combine all the ingredients together. Where to combine them is an important consideration since it is essential that the steak is marinated in a tightly closed container such as a zip lock bag or a plastic container with a tight cover.

After combining the ingredients in the container of choice, add the steaks. Make sure that each and every slab is swimming in the mixture to ensure they are marinated well. Close the container afterwards, put it in a refrigerator and let it sit overnight so that the flavors from the marinade will seep into the meat. If the container that one used is a plastic bag, make sure that one turns the container often to the other side so that the parts of each slab of steak will be marinated evenly. After marinating the steak for hours, you now have steaks that, apart from having enhanced flavor, are also healthy to boot.

Knowing a steak marinade recipe that is easy to do and healthy as well will ultimately enhance one’s steak dining experience.

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Steak Marinade Recipe

Steak Marinade Recipe

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