Alfredo Sauce Recipe

If you want something easy, simple and delicious to prepare for different types of occasions, it is nice to try this special Alfredo sauce recipe. It makes use of healthy, fresh but cheap ingredients in order to provide the best taste possible. Here are two different ways of preparing homemade and traditional delicacies.

Chicken with Vegetable in Rich Alfredo Sauce

If you have very little time to cook but you need something quick to prepare for a special occasion, it is good to try this tasty recipe. First, you need to gather a number of important ingredients like a medium-sized zucchini, a medium-sized summer squash and 10-pieces of sugar snap peas. Aside from these, you also need at least a cup of wine, a cup of light cream and a cup of Parmesan cheese. Likewise, prepare a stick of butter, a pack of basil linguini and a piece of chicken breast.

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, you can start right away with the cooking process. Set the stove to medium heat. After that, place the pan on top of it and then slowly pour in the wine. Cut the chicken breast into much smaller pieces. Once the wine heats up, put the pieces of chicken in the pan as well. Cook for approximately 30 minutes.

When the chicken is done, pour in about 3-tablespoons of cooking oil into the frying pan. Cook the zucchini and the squash. After that, set them aside first and then cook the peas. Be sure to keep them crunchy as much as possible. Take the peas out and then use the pan to melt and blend the cream, cheese and butter. Be sure not to overcook the mixture. Season it with a pinch or two of black pepper.

Drain the cooked vegetables and then combine them with the mixture. Add the chicken as well. Mix until the flavors are distributed evenly. Set the cooked linguini in a nice clean serving plate. Pour the mixture over the linguini. Add another pinch of black pepper and then serve.

Low-Fat Alfredo Sauce

If you want something healthy and at the same time quick to prepare, you can instead use a low-fat Alfredo sauce on top of your pasta. To do this, set the stove to medium heat and put the saucepan on top of it. Melt at least a tablespoon of butter. Add ¼-cup of flour and then stir for at least a minute. Add a pinch of nutmeg, ½-teaspoon pepper, ½-teaspoon salt and 3-cups of low-fat milk.

Wait until the dish boils. Whisk the dish occasionally in order to distribute the flavors even more. Turn the heat to low and then simmer the dish for about five minutes more. Stir it occasionally. Serve this special sauce on top of cooked fettuccine and then add parmesan cheese. Serve and enjoy the goodness of this healthy yet tasty recipe.

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