Grilled Hamburger Recipe

Making grilled hamburger recipes is one of the things that new grill owners like to do. Here are a few ideas you can try.

Grilled Hamburgers with Tomatoes


2 lbs of ground chuck
2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
3 tbsp of bread crumbs
½ tsp of garlic powder
Sliced pickles
Salt and pepper
1 cup of sliced tomatoes
2 tbsp of onion (grated)
Some lettuces


Put the beef in a large bowl. Pour in the Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice and grated onion. Add the garlic powder and bread crumbs too. Mix this and make into 5 hamburger patties. You can add more taste to this simple grilled hamburger recipe by spraying some pepper and salt.

Oil the grills and put the burgers there. Grill each side for 5 minutes. Serve this with some veggies or sandwiches.

Grilled Hamburger with French Bread


1 slice of French bread
1 lb of ground round steak
2 tbsp of fresh chives (chopped)
1 ½ tsp of Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp of fresh parsley (chopped)
2 tsp of oregano
2 tsp of thyme
2 tsp of marjoram
½ tsp of black pepper
1 egg
1 tsp of salt


Put enough water in a bowl to soak the French bread. Squeeze and throw out the water. Put in the ground beef, salt and pepper. Toss in the other herbs for this tasty grilled hamburger recipe. Put the egg in the mix. Make four patties an inch thick. Place the burgers in the grill. Set it 4 inches from the coals. Cook each side for 15 minutes.

make sure the grill is oiled before you use it.

Grilled Hamburger with Mushrooms


¼ cup of beef broth
2 tbsp of butter (melted)
1 can of mushrooms (chopped and drained)
1 egg (beaten)
1 cup of seasoned stuffing
1 tsp of lemon juice
1 tsp of salt
1/3 cup of green onion (chopped)
3 lbs of ground beef
1/3 cup of beef broth


Put the butter in a mixing bowl. Add in the eggs, mushrooms, onion, seasonings and lemon juice. Pour in the beef broth. Continue making this grilled hamburger recipe by mixing the ground beef and salt in another bowl. Create 16 patties. Put the mixture in the other bowl on the first eight patties.

Cover it with the other eight. Pinch the corners to prevent the mixture from coming out. Grease the grill. Put the burger patties on the grill. Cook each side for 12 minutes.


If you don’t want to make 16 burger patties, you can instead make 6 big ones. You can also serve these burgers with lettuce, pickles and other vegetables.

You can also eat them with some spicy sauce or ketchup. You can also grill the vegetables too if you like. Drinks that go well with grilled food include fruit juices, beer and soft drinks.

These easy grilled hamburger recipes are perfect for those backyard gatherings. Serve these burgers up and your grilling buddies will thank you for it.

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