Ketchup Recipe

When almost anything that you can think of is available in your local supermarket, it seems ludicrous to make the things that you need by yourself. This is because unlike simply buying the thing that you need, which will only require money and some of your time to walk to the supermarket, making them yourself will require much effort, along with the time and the money, the knowledge, and not to mention the risks of you failing and ending up doing things the wrong way.

Fortunately, this is not the case with making homemade ketchup. Of course, buying a bottle off the supermarket shelf will always be the easy way. However, making your own with the help of a ketchup recipe provides you with some benefits that may offset the time and effort that you will invest on it.

First off, ketchups brought from the store are filled with preservatives and therefore not exactly healthy. The same can’t be said with homemade ketchup, particularly the one made with this ketchup recipe, since you can make your homemade ketchup healthy as it will be free of preservatives that manufacturers use. Depending on the ketchup recipe that you will use, you can also be sure that you will only the use the freshest of ingredients for your ketchup thereby making your ketchup a perfectly healthy option particularly if you are a health buff yourself.

This particular ketchup recipe is one of such recipes that let one make healthy homemade ketchup. For this ketchup recipe, you will need the following ingredients: a can of whole tomatoes, a tablespoon of tomato paste, two-thirds cup of brown sugar, two tablespoons of olive oil, half a cup of cider vinegar, a chopped medium-sized onion, and half a teaspoon of salt.

To make your healthy, homemade ketchup, puree the whole tomatoes using a blender. Make sure they are reduced to a smooth pulp. Cook the chopped onions on the olive oil in a saucepan over moderate heat. Cook them for around 10 minutes until they appear to be soft. Add the other ingredients to the onions on the saucepan afterwards. Simmer all of the mixed ingredients uncovered while you are stirring occasionally to achieve the right consistency. Do the stirring for one hour and until the mixture is thick. When the cooking is almost done, remember to stir more often so as to avoid the homemade ketchup mixture be burnt.

After the cooking, put half of the mixture in the blender and puree until it is smooth enough. After pureeing the two batches of homemade ketchup, put them in a covered container and then chill them for two hours so as to bring out the flavors.

This homemade ketchup recipe will not only make your dishes fresher and tastier, they will also ensure that your diet will be healthy for your body.

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