Marinated Steak Recipe

When you want a very delicious meal to satisfy your hunger or to be used as a surprise to loved ones, a good homemade dish to try is the marinated steak recipe.

If you’re thinking that making your own marinated steak recipe may be difficult, you’re actually wrong. There are simpler versions that you can try, and this is one of them.

The Essential Ingredients You Need

To make your own steak recipe, you may need your steak, some wine, oil, and other condiments.

Breaking that down into certain measures for preparation, that should involve: A half cup of red wine, around two tablespoons of fresh thyme (preferably, chopped in advance), olive oil of approximately two tablespoons, three cloves of garlic (be sure to have this minced), and your top round boneless steak of about one inches thick and two pounds.

For the thyme, you can also opt to use dried leaves. But that should be about two teaspoons of thyme leaves.

You should also have a half teaspoon of salt and about one fourth teaspoon of pepper. Or, you may base the measurements of the salt and pepper according to your preferences with the taste of your steak.

The Cooking Process You Should Remember

To prepare, you should get a large shallow dish for mixing the first few ingredients. Those would include the wine, thyme (either dried or fresh), garlic, oil, pepper, and salt. Mix them well to combine all the flavors.

The next thing to do is to add your steak. Coat it with the mixture you just made. Be sure to coat both sides evenly.

After coating your steak, it’s time to cover this with a plastic wrap and place this in the fridge to marinate in its own juices. The timeframe for this would take around eight to twenty four hours or so.

What you need to prepare next is the oven or grill where you will cook your steak. It would be a wise move to heat this ahead of time using high heat.

Put your marinated steak on the grill to cook. Occasionally brush your steak with marinade again to coat both sides.

Cover and cook for about seven to eight minutes. Turn the steak and cook the other side for another seven to eight minutes.

Once that is done, you can already remove this from the grill or stove.

Cover your steak and let it cool for about five minutes.

Then, you may now cut your steak to your desired size. Put some in the refrigerator and chill. You may keep it in the fridge for about two days.

If you won’t finish the whole dish, you may refrigerate the remaining portions of the uneaten steak and use it for later at another meal time.

And that’s done! Making your own marinated steak recipe is just a cinch, isn’t it?

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