Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

A simple sweet and sour sauce recipe is a perfect dip partner for fried food, like chicken, meat rolls, and fish. It gives extra flavor to food and takes away the greasy quality of oily frying. Here is a cheap and quick way to make sweet and sour sauce.


To serve 5 persons, prepare the following: 1/2 cup of water, one and half teaspoons flour, 1/8 cup sugarcane vinegar, 3 spoons of sugar, 4 spoons tomato or banana ketchup, and chopped fresh red chili (optional). Adding hot spiciness to a sweet and sour sauce recipe often makes food dipped in it more appetizing. The readily available ingredients make this procedure a quick and easy way to make sweet and sour sauce.


Thoroughly dissolve 1 and half teaspoons of flour in ½ cup of water in a bowl. Make sure there are no flour lumps left. Use a spoon to press flour lumps against the sides of the bowl. Lumps would spoil any sweet and sour sauce recipe.

Pour in 1/8 cup of sugarcane vinegar and 3 spoons of sugar. Stir well. Then add 4 spoons of catsup and chopped red chili. Stir well again. Put the mixture in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium fire. While boiling, keep stirring the concoction until it becomes thick enough. Immediately pour content in a bowl and serve hot.

If the boiling period is accidentally extended so that the sauce becomes too thick, just add some water and boil again. Too much water added may affect the flavor of this sweet and sour sauce recipe.

In case the above happens, don’t directly add ingredients into the boiling sauce. Instead, turn off the fire and mix added ingredients into a small amount of water. Stir well while heating the sauce again. Add the mixture when the sauce is boiling. Stir well again.

Other Sauce Uses

This sweet and sour sauce recipe, aside from being a dip for fried Shanghai rolls, fried chicken, and fried fish, can also serve as stew for a fish or pork chop dish. Add water to the sauce left-over and pour over fried fish or pork chops after sauteing them in ample amounts of chopped garlic, tomato, and onions. Boil for 20 seconds and serve hot. It may be necessary to add some sugar, according to one’s taste preference.

Finally, this sweet and sour sauce recipe is also best for barbecues. Just add a bit of oyster sauce, mix well, boil, and dip barbecues in it.

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