Candied Yams Recipe

For people who are looking for a nice and healthy dessert, they can always go for candied yams. This particular dish is known for its sweet pleasant taste, rich flavor and high nutritional value. Furthermore, this homemade treat is made from simple and cheap ingredients like marshmallows, butter as well as brown sugar. Here is a quick look at traditional candied yams recipe.


This recipe is one of the best possible dishes that people can make out of yams. The primary ingredients are 2-cups miniature marshmallows, a pound of dark brown sugar and 6-pieces of fresh large yams. To ensure a richer taste and flavor for this dish, prepare 2-teaspoons of salt, ΒΌ-cup of white sugar as well as a stick of butter.


Get a sharp knife and then use it to peel the yams. After that, wash them clean with water. Next, slice them into 2-inch disks. Place them inside a pan. Put enough amount of water to submerge the yams and then cover the pan. Set the stove to medium heat. Place the pan on top of it. After some time, add the white sugar and salt. Cover it once again. Boil the dish until the yams become tender. Drain water.

Get a baking dish. Put the yams inside and then pour brown sugar on top of them. Spread butter onto the yams. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook them for 20 minutes. Add the marshmallows. After that, put the dish back inside the oven. Wait for the marshmallows to brown and then remove from the oven. Serve and enjoy the pleasant goodness of this dish.


Aside from this recipe, you can also try this alternative way of preparing candied yams. For the ingredients, you need 1/3-cup brown sugar, 5-tablespoons of butter and a couple of 16-ounce cans of cut yams. Additionally, you can also add a cup of miniature marshmallows as well as 1/3-cup chopped nuts.

One you have the said items, start right away with these simple steps. First, set the stove to medium heat. Next, put the yams in a 2-quart saucepan. Submerge the yams in water and then cook. Once they become tender, drain the water out. After that, set them aside first.

Get a 1-quart saucepan. Mix brown sugar and butter. Heat the mixture but be sure not to boil it. Simply add the nuts and then mix thoroughly to distribute the flavors evenly. After that, slowly pour the mixture over the yams. Be sure to coat each yam well with the mixture. Serve to guests right away and enjoy.

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