Enchilada Recipe

For making an Enchilada dish, you may choose to use turkey, chicken, beef or just the traditional enchilada recipe. You can also opt to make it a healthy dish with black beans and vegetables. However you choose to enjoy your enchilada, there would surely be one suitable recipe that would suit your taste buds.

Because there are some people who are allergic to certain foods like chicken and such, you may need a different twist in cooking this recipe.

So, if you’re willing to try, here is a healthier version of the dish that anyone can enjoy.

What’s nice about making this recipe is that you can prepare this in advance and freeze the dish until it is time to be served.

Preparation time would take about twenty minutes and cooking time would be approximately thirty five minutes. Not bad, right?

Here’s What You Need:

A block of firm tofu (preferably, cut into half an inch and drained), a can of black beans (drained and diced), ½ diced onion, grated zucchini, two grated carrots, a can of black olives, a can of enchilada sauce, 3/4ths cup of water, and ten to twelve of flour tortillas.

You may also choose to add dairy or vegan cheese crumbles for topping.

Here’s What You Have to Do:

Add the 3/4ths cup of water to your enchilada sauce and stir.

Next, dice the zucchini, carrots, olives, and onion. You may use a food processor to make it quicker. Add the water mixture and sauce you made earlier. Also add the tofu and black beans. Combine everything well.

Spoon about two to three tablespoons of the mixture into each tortilla. Wrap and put them in a baking pan.

If you have some enchilada sauce left, don’t worry, you would still need this. You add this sauce on top of the wrapped tortillas. Take note to put some over the edges as well.

Sprinkle cheese on top if you like.

Put in the oven and bake for thirty to thirty five minutes. Your oven should be placed at 350 degrees. When halfway done, spoon the leftover enchilada sauce if you still have some left.

Some like the edges of the tortillas to be crisp after you have finished baking. Others do not want this. For the latter, you may just spoon more sauce on the edges to soften it and add flavor.

Does this enchilada recipe sound easy? You bet it is. And it tastes great, too.

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