Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Recipe

The following fresh squeezed lemonade recipes should give you that refreshment you need to beat the heat. If you require something to cool you down, these drinks will be just right.

Lemonade with Orange


6 lemons
6 oranges
3 limes
1 ½ cups of sugar


Extract the juices from the 5 lemons. Take out the juice from the limes and from the 5 oranges. Pour this into a container (a gallon size). Get the remaining orange and lemon. Slice it. Add sugar and water and mix it. Add to the lemonade. Keep this in a fridge until it turns cold.

You can serve this with the sliced lemon and oranges. The ingredients for this fresh squeezed lemonade recipe are good for one gallon.

Classic Lemonade Drink


12 oz of lemon juice (6 to 8 lemons)
4 tbsp of fresh mint leaves (torn up)
16 oz of seltzer water
Mint sprigs and lemon wedges (for garnishing)


Pour the lemon in a pitcher. Put 1 mint leave in each glass. Pour in the lemon. Get a spoon and crush the leaves. This will release its scent. Put some juice in the glasses. Add the seltzer water and stir it. For garnishing, use the lemon and mint sprig. This easy fresh squeezed lemonade recipe is good for 8 servings (8 oz each).

Lemon and Strawberry Drink


5 cups of cold water
16 lemons (small)
1 ¾ cups of sugar (you can also use agave nectar)
Lemon zests (2)
1 cup of strawberries (fresh)


Squeeze the juices from the lemons into a pitcher. Pour the cold water in a blender. Add the strawberries. Turn the blender to high. Keep mixing until the strawberries are smooth. Sieve the strawberries puree via a strainer into a container. Add this to the lemon juices.

Get a saucepan. Mix ½ cup of water, a bit of sugar and some lemon zest. Set this on medium heat. Let this summer for 5 minutes. Let it cool. Pour this into the fresh squeezed lemonade recipe. Stir it. This is good for 8 cups.

Lemonade with Raspberries


6 raspberries
Lemonade (freshly squeezed)
2 tsp of sugar
½ tsp of vodka
Lemon wedge (for garnishing)


Squeeze the lemon juices in a pitcher. Put the raspberries and sugar in a blender. After blending, add to the lemonade. Add the teaspoon of vodka. The lemon wedge garnishing is optional.

Lemonade with Mint Sprigs


1 lemon (sliced)
2 1/2 cups of fresh lemon juice
1 cup of hot water
1 gallon of cold water
2 cups of sugar
Mint sprigs


Combine the hot water and sugar in a 1 gallon pitcher. Stir it until the sugar melts. Pour in the lemon juice. Add the cold water. Stir it. Pour the drinks in glasses filled with ice and serve with the mint for garnishing. If you want to make more drinks, you should double the ingredients listed here.

These fresh squeezed lemonade recipes are the ideal drink for those hot summer days. You can also try mixing in other fruits and beverages.

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