Fried Rice Recipe

There are two kinds of fried rice recipe: simple and complete recipes. The simple kind is usually good for breakfast and goes well with fried viands. The complete type, the best kind, is rich in various tasty ingredients and can stand alone as a complete quick meal. Here are ways on how to cook fried rice, simple and complete, the easy way.

Simple Kind

Ingredients: Prepare left-over rice from the fridge by wetting it with some water and crunching them with bare hands. This loosens up cold rice to make it easy to fry. If the left-over rice still seems too sticky or solid, put more water. Prepare also some cooking oil (about a spoonful for a plateful of rice), some salt to taste, 3 pieces of garlic and half an onion all chopped to pieces.

To cook this fried rice recipe, heat pan over medium fire until all wetness is vaporized and pour in cooking oil when hot enough. Sauté garlic and onions until they turn light brown. Then put in the rice and mix thoroughly while cooking on low fire and sprinkle salt to taste. Cook for a minute and serve hot. This is the simple way of how to cook fried rice.

Complete Kind

Ingredients: To make this recipe healthy, simple, and easy to cook, prepare 2 spoons of cooking oil, garlic (5 pieces), a whole onion (small), 7 strands of onion leaves, 4 pieces hot dog, 4 slices of ham, 4 strips of bacon, all chopped into small pieces. Also prepare 4 spoons of soy sauce and an egg for this fried rice recipe. This ingredient proportion is good for 2 plates of rice. Adjust according to one’s taste or health preferences for more plates of rice.

Preparation: Sauté garlic, onion bulb, hotdog, ham, and bacon in a pan on medium fire. Mix in rice and stir continuously to avoid burning. After 20 to 25 seconds put in onion leaves, stir some more, and then pour egg white and yolk. Add soy sauce and stir for 20 more minutes. Serve this fried rice recipe hot.

Best for a Tight Budget

Learning how to cook fried rice saves left-over rice by turning it into a tasty but cheap meal. It’s easy and simple to fix, especially for a quick breakfast. It’s been a component of traditional breakfasts in many Asian countries, and now even in western ones. It’s been a favorite for being easy on the budget and saves time, too.


Fried Rice Recipe
Fried Rice Recipe

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