Ground Turkey Burger Recipe

If you like turkey and you also love munching on burgers, don’t you know that you can combine these things you love to eat in a very simple dish? Yes, there is a very easy way to make a ground turkey burger recipe that is basically a scrumptious Moroccan recipe. The preparation time would merely be twenty minutes, and cooking time would be about twelve minutes.

Are you up for the cooking challenge and, perhaps, learning something new?

Some of the ingredients you would need may be found already in your kitchen. If you don’t have a few of the ingredients, just shop at a nearby grocery store before preparing this dish.

What You Need:

To make this particular recipe, you may need a half cup of sour cream, three tablespoons of chopped fresh mint, two tablespoons of honey, three drops of mint extract, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper or to taste, one fourth cup of sour cream, one egg (preferably, beaten), a half cup of soft bread crumbs, one fourth cup of minced onion, one and one fourth pounds of ground turkey, two tablespoons of olive oil, four hamburger buns, three tablespoons of softened butter, and red lettuce leaves.

For your other spices and ingredients, you may also need a half teaspoon each of salt, cumin, 1/8 of additional pepper, and ground ginger.

What You Will Do:

Preheat the grill you will use later.

Combine the sour cream, mint, pepper, mint extract, and honey in a small bowl. Mix well and refrigerate.

While that is cooling in the fridge, you need to combine the following ingredients: Sour cream, egg, bread crumbs, ginger, cumin, salt, and pepper. Mix everything well.

Then, add your turkey. Coat your turkey with this mixture. Be sure that you are mixing everything well in order to have a uniformed taste.

Once you’re finished with that, form this mixture into four patties with the use of your bare hands.

Now, it’s time to cover the patties and put them in the fridge for about an hour to cool. This will help make it easier to fry later.

When you need to cook them, get them from the fridge and brush with olive oil. Grill for about ten to twelve minutes using medium heat. Turn once. And cook at the other side.

Once you’re done, it’s time to plate it. To make it more appealing, you should serve the patties with your sour cream mint sauce and your lettuce on well-toasted and buttered hamburger buns.

This ground turkey burger recipe makes about four yummy sandwiches.

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