Oxtail Recipe

The oxtail is a simple and tasty cooking ingredient known for its gelatinous and bony meat. It is usually braised or stewed. Stewed oxtail is a favorite dish in places like Trinidad and Jamaica. Aside from these cooking methods, one of the best ways of cooking this all-important beef part is by turning it into a soup, a culinary delight that is very much popular in countries such as Indonesia, China and even the United Kingdom. To have a taste of this treat, you can always try this cheap, simple and easy oxtail recipe.


If you want something quick but definitely delicious, you can always go for this traditional homemade recipe. First, you have to gather a number of fresh and healthy ingredients like 2-pieces of carrots, a couple of bay leaves and 4-pounds oxtails. Aside from these, be sure to prepare a couple of onions, 2-pounds of pork bones as well as 5-pieces of cloves garlic. To add more taste, bring in ¾-teaspoon pepper, ¾-teaspoon salt and at least 2 stalks of celery. In addition, you will also need a piece of leek, 3-tablespoons of olive oil and 3-tablespoons of butter. It is also possible to add flour and potatoes.


Get a Dutch oven or stockpot and then set them over medium-high heat. Put the different herbs, sliced onions, and sliced carrots. Add the olive oil and butter as well. Cook the ingredients until they turn brown. After that, remove them from the Dutch oven or stockpot and then set aside first. Add butter and olive oil once again. Put the pork bones and oxtails. Cook the dish until brown. Baste and turn the ingredients continuously. Do not let them dry.

Put the cloves garlic and then cook for about 10 minutes more. Roast the garlic and then mash. Slowly pour in water. Be sure that the liquid is enough to cover the oxtails and pork bones. Add the carrots and onions mixture. Follow it with the bay leaf, celery and leek. At this point, you can also add thyme and other special herbs to enhance the flavor of the dish further. Season it with pepper and salt.

Reduce to the lowest level of heat and then simmer the dish for at least 3 to 3½-hours. In the latter half of the cooking process, you can add quartered potatoes if you like. Aside from this optional ingredient, you can also thicken the stock by adding cornstarch at the final hour of the cooking process. Adding fresh tomato or catsup can also give it a richer flavor and taste. Serve to guests and enjoy.

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