Apple Pie Bites Recipe

When you want to eat something delectably sweet and easy to make, a homemade apple pie bites recipe may add just the right touch to your day. It’s quick and wonderfully simple to do, and you would love munching on the mini-sized or bite-sized pieces of the finished product.

But how will you start making the apple pie bites recipe?

Here are some guidelines that will assist you in creating your sweet masterpiece in your very own kitchen that would yield about eight small apple pies:

First: Heat Your Oven.

Before you mix or combine everything that you will need for this recipe, it may be a good idea to preheat your oven before you do anything else. That will make it easier this dessert easier to bake. A good temperature for preheating the oven would be at three hundred seventy five degrees (375).

Second: Know and Prepare Your Ingredients.

The next thing to do is to get all the ingredients. For making this sweet treat, better have these ingredients ready: Two cookie sheets, a can of refrigerator biscuits, about two tablesppons of apple pie filling (preferably, the cinnamon and spice filling would be best), four teaspoons of melted butter, about one fourth teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of sugar.

Third: Proceed with the Preparations for Baking.

Now, you need to combine your cinnamon and just one tablespoon of your sugar. Use a small mixing bowl for this. Mix well. And set aside for awhile. You will be needing this later.

After that, get your cookie sheets and spray them. Use a nonstick cooking spray.

You’ll be working on your biscuits next. So, get those biscuits and separate them into eight pieces. Roll the biscuits so you can easily form about five inch-round pieces. Put these on the baking sheets.

When you’re done, it’s time to put the filling on the center of each biscuit round. Next, fold the biscuits and, using a fork, seal the edges. Don’t forget to prick the tops as well for three times. Brush with butter, and sprinkle the remaining sugar on top.

Fourth: Bake your bite-sized rounds.

Bake your handful of apple bites. More or less, that should take about fifteen to twenty minutes. Or, if you see your mini apple pies changing to golden brown, you may turn off your stove and get it out of the oven to cool for about five minutes or so.

Fifth: Remember the Other Important Points.

There are some things that you have to take note in baking this. One is not to panic when you see a small portion of the apple filling to go out the sides. That usually happens. Rest assured, most of the filling will still be in the biscuit dough when you get it out of the oven.

Another thing to take note of is to merely get a handful of the apple biscuit rounds and bake using one cookie sheet. The rest should be placed on the other remaining cookie sheet to bake after you’re done with the first batch. As such, it is not advisable that you overcrowd your cookie sheets with all the bite-sized pies.

Once you’re done, you can already enjoy your apple pie bites recipe that you made on your own.

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