Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Before anything else, here’s a special tip for cooking any egg drop soup recipe—always make sure the broth used is mixed in a thin, bland manner. This way, cooking egg drop soup will achieve an egg-rich flavor.

When cooking an egg drop soup recipe, a soup broth is indispensable. The best and healthy option is chicken broth, though pork and beef broths may also be used. Here is a procedure on cooking egg drop soup.


For cooking egg drop soup, prepare 4 cups of soaked chicken broth. Better yet, boil chicken pieces (breast or legs) until tender and save 4 cups of the stock. Fillet the chicken meat. Prepare 2 eggs by lightly beating them, 2 chopped green onions, some slices of onion leaves, a fourth teaspoon of white pepper, some salt to taste, and some amount of sesame oil for a subtle tasting egg drop soup recipe.


Boil the chicken stock or broth in a saucepan. Put in the salt and white pepper. Add the sesame oil. Boil them for a minute. Gently pour in the eggs. After s short moment, put in all the other ingredients, including the fillet chicken. Egg whites may be added later just before finishing cooking this egg drop soup recipe. This is for creating whole strips of whites. Serve while hot.

In some traditional Oriental preparations, the raw egg is added as the last ingredient, right after turning off the fire. Or, while the hot soup is freshly steaming in a bowl, the same is added, creating a thick, edible, and rich stew flavor with a delectable after taste on the tongue.

Other Tips for Cooking Egg Drop Soup

This soup tastes better when made thick. Sometime, eggs are not enough for this purpose. The trick is to add in some flour concoction. To achieve this, dissolve thoroughly a small amount of flour into a proportionate amount of water, and then add this into the soup while boiling. This is the quick and cheap way to thicken soup.

However, for a more special remedy and tastier result, other people add in cream of mushroom or oyster sauce. Just make sure the egg flavor is not overwhelmed.

A traditional egg drop soup recipe is also enhanced by adding grated fresh carrot or ginger for a healthy variant. Some add in bits of fish meat to boost the taste, or put sardines in heavy tomato sauce. Thus, an egg drop soup recipe is a versatile one.

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